Publication criteria

If these criteria are met, assuming that all the results are correct as stated, then European Academic Research accepts the article for publication. If an article is initially rejected by our journal, but makes an interesting contribution, we offer authors the opportunity to modify the submitted manuscript.

Articles are accepted for publication on the understanding that these contain original unpublished work, not submitted for publication anywhere else.

I. Submission of texts for publication

A journal of the Centre for Social Studies of the University of Coimbra, accepts original texts which may contribute to advancing transdisciplinary research on national and international social reality, to promoting reflection and discussion on research instruments and methods, and to disseminating information and knowledge within the social sciences and the humanities.

II. Appreciation process

Initial assessment by the Executive Editorial Board, which decides on the manuscript’s submission to the following stage of the process, involving its evaluation by anonymous reviewers; this decision is made taking into consideration criteria of relevance, interest and quality, defined according to the journal’s editorial policy, as well as the manuscript’s conformity to the submission guidelines contained in this document

III. Reading notes

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